My neighbour is selling off their house @ $1.58m.
Remember they bought it @ $1.8m on 1996.
Landed propery prices still not up as compared to condo.

My fren bought a condo at $1.3m on 2002.
Now the market selling price is $2.5m.
Good profit seah.

Luck plays a important part in our daily lifes.
If you are born with a good life, then you do not need to work that 'hard'.
If you are not, you have to work hard to make yr "dreams" come true.
However. if you have no luck, no matter how hard you work, yr 'dreams' will never realise.

Im contented.
Im already consider lucky.
Hope luck shines on me again.

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1st March

Take Mrt together with Pighead to work.

HR Manager keeps talking to me today. hmmm....

Dinner @ Zi Yean (Redhill). Nice!!

Weekend is coming!!!!!!

Time to enjoy!!!!

"Wonder where i put my Ghost rider movie tickets!!!!"
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